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Me Judging Score Sheets for Rock the Block 3 (12th April 2015)

Rock the Block (12th April 2015)

The third Rock the Block event at Street Beatz Studio (Wollongong) and my first time judging this event. It was the first time that for popping that we got 3 different judges compared to the previous years where it was only Poppin Jack judging. Jack suggested to get a three person panel as it will bring some variety in terms of judging, and there was some interesting discussions between us  when reviewing some of the battles. My last judging event was during last year's Destructive steps so it has been sometime since.
The music was supplied to the event by DJ Naiki, and he pretty much spun none stop from start to finish. A lot of songs I never heard of during the day which is always awaesome. Much props to him.
Got to thank Brooke and Don for putting this yearly event on, all the particpaints that entered, all the mums, dads, friends and family that came down to support and all those who made the treck down to the gong. No props giving to the crappy weather.

The Running Tally System in Brief

For those who don't know what all these numbers mean, I do a running tally whenever I see something I like. Simply the person with more likes wins. People will notice that I was playing with my phone during the event
With this system contestants can see how they can kind of see how they did compared to other people during the event.
This is my screen and program I use to do the running tally, this score sheet was from the popping finals.
C:\Users\Danis Kool\Desktop\Screenshot_2015-04-22-23-10-20.png
Kids Battle
There was definetly some interesting battles among the kids this year. Some kids were more groove based and some were more technical which made some exciting matchups. The future is bright!
C:\Users\Danis Kool\Documents\Scanned Documents\Rock the Block 2015\Image (32).jpg
Notes: The number on the sides were my top 8 in chronological order

Top 8
Note: Votes for finals were 1 to Macy and Dom and 2 for Jaya and Brenden
Now thinking back I feel that the finals should of been at least 3 rounds for each team.
This year we had 33 entrances, breaking a new record in terms of this event. It was interesting to have each contestant pick a number to decide who they were battling, kind of having them to "choose their fate". I did feel having only 1 set for each battle was a bit short, but given the time it couldn't be done any other way. Perhaps doing the whole popping competition in a separate room or have a 3 hour cypher preliminary.
Overall there was a lot of close contests which could of gone another way if there were different judges.
Top 33/Prelims
C:\Users\Danis Kool\Documents\Scanned Documents\Rock the Block 2015\Image (34).jpgCircles = Winner
Tally = How many votes, middle is tie
Top 16
Top 8

Danis Kool

Destructive Steps 6 (12/7/14) - UTS HHS Recap

A recap that I posted as President of the UTS Hip Hop Society in 2014. Thanks Kai for the editing.
On the 12th of July 2014, UTS Hip Hop Society hosted Destructive Steps 6. With 251 competitors on the day (compared to 122 from the previous year), this year's iteration set a new record and raised expectations for future events to come.

The UTS MPSH was used for the 3v3 Bboy competition, which included competitors from all across Australia as well as international competitors from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, New Caledonia and South Korea. Seeing the court filled with so many talented dancers was surreal and really showcased the MPHS in a new light.

Of the 62 teams that entered, only 10 teams were able to progress to the top 16. Although, none of the members from UTS Hiphop Soc could pass the extremely challenging preliminary, they clearly demonstrated significant improvement and were able to stay composed even against the most experienced of opponents.

Fun Crew vs United Troll Society (Kazu, Hugh, Sang)

Blank Canvas (Howe) vs ???

The Underground played host to the 1v1 Popping competition. Our society had 5 representatives entering the field of 65 entrants, made up of a mix of interstate dancers from Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth and local Sydney dancers. To put things into perspective, it was the largest gathering of Australian poppers in recent history.

Of the five members who entered, two (Miguel and Rhys) made it to the top 16.

Our treasurer of 2014, Miguel's top 16 battle was against veteran Sydney dancer Fatrick Pong (Minds of Mischief crew). Fatrick received two judge votes and the third judge drew, knocking Miguel out of the competition.

Miguel vs Fatrick

Rhys' top 16 match up was against another veteran of the dance, P.J. (Funk Box crew) from Melbourne. It was a tight contest with two judges voting for Rhys and the final judge drawing, putting him through to the quarter finals. He was then matched up in the top 8 against the international battle guest Ta-i (Atomic crew) from Korea. With Ta-i's vast experience and the benefit of coming from a far more developed scene, Rhys was eventually knocked out of the competition in a unanimous decision.

PJ vs Rhys

Rhys vs Tai

Ta-i went on to become the eventual winner of the competition, extending the Korean flawless victory streak to 4 out of 4 events.

UTS Hip Hop Society is proud to have been a part of this historical event that will be talked about for years to come in the Australian street dance/hip hop community. We would like to thank J-One (founder of Destructive Steps), ActivateUTS, the Underground, Teegan, Sebastian (the sound technician), the MPSH staff (Andrew, Belinda and Conor), event staff, event volunteers and all the competitors and spectators that attended the event.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet the Sydney Poppers | Documentary

A collaboration with OPS & Groove Culture, a short documentary of the Sydney Popping Scene.

The documentary was released in December 2013, but I forgot to post it up here. Props to Christina, Lynden, Patrick and Howe for putting the footage together.