Sunday, April 17, 2016

[Score Sheet] Groove City (16/4/16)

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Spelt my name wrong

Photo with Judges, 1st and 2nd Placing: Courtesy of Jase

The first hip hop and house music orientated all style competition in a long time (I think). Hip Hop is not dead in Sydney as we got 30ish entrances for the 1v1 and 16 teams for the 2v2 All styles. The music was provided by Nao (my first time experiencing his dj-ing), though I did wonder if he had entered instead. We had a few interstate and overseas dancers flying over and taking part which is always good. A good amount of people stayed till the end, one noise complaint from possibly the massage place, good music, good speakers (finally), microphone for MCs (no more shouting and losing their voices), and the event finished on time.

Shout out to Alice, Homebase and D2MG for hosting the event, hopefully more to come in the future.

Note Worthy Notes

A) Hip Hop (Dancing) is not dead in Sydney.
B) Expected a lot more routines because I like routines in a 2+ contests.
C) Popping to House music at times looks quite weird.
D) House music tends to favour dancers who are more groove based.
F) A few super close calls/decisions.
E) No tie breakers.
G) This pose
Lego Dance Camp 2016

Favourite Moments

  • Favourite dancer of the event was Jamie Jazz because of his silky smooth transitions between different styles and rhythms during his sets. I did notice he took all the house tracks while Nai took the hip hop ones.
  • Seeing Taka and Ryo get down after avoiding watching any videos of them.

Score Sheets

If anyone wants me thought process of their set, feel free to message me with a video link.


Total Sets = 72
Total Likes Given = 1069 (prelims) + 1478 (knock out rounds) = 2547
Average Likes (Mean) = 35.375
Most Frequent Total Number of Likes (Mode) = 34
Median = 35
Range = 29
Least Likes = 17
Most Likes = 46

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

[Score Sheet] Code: Purple (13/2/16) | Day 1

Facebook Event Page

Group photo at the end of the event: Courtesy of Darrio

Woo, after a year absent the Code is back, now in purple! The 3rd weekly consecutive popping event in Sydney (Sydney you are getting spoilt) and my first one as judge for 2016. Sharing the judging panel with Lamaroc and Lay for me represented 3 different generations of Australian dancers ie late 90s, early 2000s and mid 2000s. I think this combination is also new.

Though there weren't many contestants at the event ie 17 entrances for popping the line up was good. Not often do we have poppers from Korea MJ & Yon from The B crew, and Sam (The Equals) from Brisbane participating. If I was entering it would be a challenge for me to break into the top 8, though I did make it to top 8 in locking.

Note Worthy Notes

A) The venue was so warm today, glad I wore shorts.

B) There were three incidents where only 1 point separating the two contestants, this scenario doesn't happen too often. When this occurs I will then decide whether to have a 'tie buffer range' for example 'win by 5 points or more, if not then it is a tie'. This time around I didn't when the situation came up during Jamie vs Jackson in the top 8, which then remained consistent throughout the event.

C) After picking our top 8 we then did a random match up that you can see in the blue box of the first page. A discussion came about when MJ and Yon were randomly matched up, I personally dislike the idea of entering a contest (outside of your home city) and then having to verse your crew mate. So I suggested that we should change the match up but Lay didn't feel it wasn't necessary as it was random. In the end it was we just drew names out of a hat, it would of been funny if that match up came up. Lay also thought if I had picked those names I would said a different name.... I'm not that riggy!

D) In the finals I sensed that there were two conflicting thoughts/feelings that went through my head which I was judging;
1. The idea of reputation influencing ones decision in this was the case with MJ being the leader of a Korean crew and being in Australia where the scene is not as big as it is in Korea. It felt like I needed to 'like' more of her dancing.
2. My bias towards Aussie dancers as I felt that all Aussie dancers must 'protect their turf' from overseas dancers whenever they are entering our contests. Because of this I felt that I should like more of Keanu's set and less of MJ.

In the end I gave the finals to MJ by one point. Will probably do a re tally once the video is uploaded to see if those feelings did influence my judging on the day.

Favourite Moments

  • Jaya dancing to the song Let it Whip and doing the whip from the "Watch me whip and watch me nae nae".
  • Keanu doing the W spring thingy in the finals.

Score Sheets

I added coloured boxes and comments to the score sheets.


Total Sets = 35
Total Likes Given = 781
Average Likes (Mean) = 44.394
Most Frequent Total Number of Likes (Mode) = 39
Median = 44
Range = 34
Least Likes = 32
Most Likes = 66

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sydney Dance Statistics - Ongoing

Continuing on from my previous post, with the help of I went back and collected the prices for all* dance battles contests in the Sydney-ish region. It was quite a tedious task (yet nostalgic) to go through every fb event page and then look for the prices, thank goodness Dancedeets made it a lot easier by listing the events in chronological order. The other way that I would have done it is to go through my fb event calendar which is not too efficient because I would have to have attended/maybe and invited to have the event to even show up.

 The earliest date the site can go back to was mid 2011 so I've excluded those events.

Why the weird numbers on the cost?
With some events having more than one entry fee I just averaged out the total cost, for example if there was a pre purchase and door price, and for events with more than one category that a person can enter.

If you take a look at the 2016 tab, I've expanded the categories to include styles, the number of competitors, djs etc because it is it a lot easier to gather data as each event comes. Will be interesting to see what kind of stats will come up at the end of the year.

What sparked all this was the see whether dance events are now more expensive to enter than to watch. I felt the original numbers I used in my previous post was not sufficient enough (as it was only popping events), so I expanded to include every other style.

My aim for a couple of years now is to document our scene and I feel this is another way of doing so. So any dancers who are also statisticians or mathematical genius feel free to hit me up if you are interested in helping collect/analyse data of the scene or even to correct my methods.

*I'm pretty sure there will be a few events and will be not listed by Dancedeets, so I'll add them whenever someone brings it up.

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